Applying for college has only gotten more difficult and complicated over the last few years! Often, parents and teachers will give advice to HS Juniors and Seniors based on their own experience, but with how much the process has changed, this advice isn’t always accurate anymore.  This often just adds MORE stress to an already stressful experience!

My background has given me many skills that truly benefit students in this endeavor.  Not only do I have a lot of experience working with students nearing the end of High School, but my teaching experience at CU has made it very clear to me what sort of things students need to do to increase their chances of being accepted.  It has also highlighted numerous pitfalls that students can fall into.

To that end, I relish the opportunity to work with students at every step of the application process: Beginning the Common App, choosing schools, outlining/writing essays, contact college administrators/faculty, and even interview tips.  I truly find it a privilege to help students achieve their goals in this way.

The rates for college admissions help start at $75 per hour, depending on the amount and type of work.  As a general rule, the more I work with a student, the less that student will be charged hourly.

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