I’ve been tutoring longer than I’ve been teaching.  When I was 16, I got a 34 on the ACT and I’ve been tutoring ACT/SAT test prep ever since.  In college I began tutoring Latin, Greek, and history courses (as those were in my majors), but I also started tutoring math (up to and including Calc 1), writing, and English to ESL students.  I took the GRE when I was 21 and scored a 1390 and began tutoring that as well.

Upon moving to Boulder, I began to tutor as a way to supplement my income (grad student stipends are lean, haha).  I have always tutored privately, but I’ve also tutored for various companies and organizations.  I tutored for the University of Colorado Athletics Department for a few years, as well as working at a variety of writing centers.


I am located in downtown Denver, around 15th and Curtis, but have no problem tutoring anywhere nearby.  Additionally, I make my way up to Boulder regularly, so I’m glad to meet in downtown Boulder or any coffeeshops along the FF1 path. I generally prefer to work in places with low ambient noise (coffee shops, college campuses, etc), but I am completely flexible on this point.  I always endeavor to find what works best for the student; that’s the priority!

Below are some examples of places in Denver and Boulder where I love meeting with students!

Rates and Payment Methods:

My rates are variable depending on a number of things:

  • I will always charge less per session if we’re meeting multiple times per week.
  • I will charge less for online sessions.
  • I will charge different rates for different topics (Test prep is more demanding of my time than other topics, for example)
  • I will also lower a student’s rate if I sense they are taking the lessons seriously and honestly trying their hardest.  This usually gives students an incentive to care 🙂
  • I have a sliding scale for families enduring financial hardship. I don’t want to be the tutor who only well-off families can work with. As someone from a poor family, I’d never want to be the tutor I couldn’t’ve had, you know?
  • If you refer other clients to me, I will permanently lower your rate.

Generally though, my tutoring starts at $50 an hour (for Zoom/online) or $75 an hour for test-prep, but may increase depending on a number of variables.  I also offer group rates.

Currently Offered Topics:
  • Test Prep (ACT/PSAT/SAT/GRE)
  • Languages (Latin, Greek, English)
  • Executive Functioning/ADHD Support
  • History and Literature courses
  • Math up to and including Calc 1
  • College Prep
  • College Admissions Support
  • Dissertation Editing
  • Essay Editing
  • Various others

Furthermore: I know a number of tutors in the area who tutor a variety of other subjects.  If I don’t feel comfortable tutoring the course/topic you need help with, I promise that I can quickly find you someone who will.

Email me if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule a session!

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